Small jug attributed to Hammett 14

Cottage Inn (near Belmont) – Hammett Pottery

George Hammett and his son John operated a pottery in Cottage Inn, Wisconsin that is near Belmont from 1856 to 1861. George previously worked in Galena, Illinois. The pottery he made in Cottage Inn resembles the pottery made in Galena, making attribution difficult. Fortunately, sherds were recovered from the pottery site and are pictured below.

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Hammett Pottery Examples

Hammett Pottery is not signed and resembles pottery made elsewhere in the region so no attribution can be 100%. These pieces that we have attributed to the Hammett Pottery based on provenance, style, and similarities to sherds recovered from the site.

Sherds from the Hammett Pottery Site

These fragments were collected by Mark Knipping in 1971 in Cottage Grove.

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